Asian Bodywork provides relief from pain and stress as well as bringis calm and comfort and overall wellness to my clients.

Massage, supported by nutrition and balanced lifestyle, powerfully supports the natural, healing wisdom of the body.

Reduce Pain & Stress 

You have likely landed on my website because you want to relax, feel better, or have more control of your health. By reducing your stress and pain, you hope to enjoy your life more. I not only say your goal is possible, I know it is!

Pain Has Purpose

We all have aches and pains which are telling us that ‘something’ is off balance. We know the difference between feeling good and lousy, but we don’t always know how to get back to feeling good. This is where I can make a difference for you, as I have for many.

Supporting Health & Healing

For me, the joy of being a massage therapist is in offering the experience of deep relaxation while simultaneously, supporting health and healing. By the end of a session clients often comment on feeling in a naturally altered state. Why this change in feeling?

Blocked Energy Yields Pain  

Pain is a signal that energy is not flowing freely through the body. Ancient Chinese medical theory says that in a healthy body energy, chi, should flow naturally, however, at times it becomes stopped up, somewhat like debris in a creek. We feel this energy blockage as fatigue or pain, but when the ‘debris’ is removed, energy resumes flowing, the body’s cells and tissues are again nourished. Feeling the ‘new’ energy flow helps explain why we feel so good after a massage.

Healing Wisdom of the Body

Chinese bodywork is at the core of my practice which I integrate with nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise guidelines. Each of these facets of wellness is important for maintaining health. Each by itself functions to reduce stress and pain, while together, they powerfully support the natural, healing wisdom of the body.