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John van Dorp

John van Dorp
The foundation of my work is my belief that every “body” is designed to be well. I also believe in the body’s natural ability to heal, and that it “knows” what to do.

What could be more valuable than your health? Good health affects everything about how we live and what we do. For me, good health is not only a priority that has defined my life, it is my passion…

Health Doesn’t Happen on Its Own

If you are over 50, 65, or 80—no matter what age you are—you can still make changes that will improve your health. In fact, getting and staying healthy becomes even more important as we age.

The quality of our lives tomorrow is determined by how well we take care of ourselves today. At some point we all wake up to the fact that getting healthier doesn’t just happen on its own. Nor does it happen overnight.

My blog is designed to support you in changes you want to make. I offer natural, simple lifestyle suggestions which go beyond diet and exercise.

By opening up to your ability to listen to your body, you empower yourself to take charge of your health and life. Beyond that I am also convinced that health and healing are directly related to our attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

My Focus

Experiences of healing in my own life, both physical and spiritual, have been gradual and impactful. My core belief, that I am responsible for everything in my life, including health, has given me a sense of power and freedom.

The foundation of my work is my belief that every “body” is designed to be well. I also believe in your body’s natural ability to heal, that it “knows” what to do.

Keeping Your Body Going

My friend has an antique car that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. But how can a 50 year old car possibly look that good and perform so well? He would be quick to tell you that his prize is a labor of love.

We don’t question that it requires work to keep a car in good running condition. We don’t argue with our car about its need for tune-ups and regular maintenance. We know the oil needs to be changed.

But what about our bodies? Do we consider that they, too, need flushing, maintenance, and “detail” cleaning?

My Hope 

I believe that you have the power to improve your health, or to reverse its downward spiral. A place to start would be “listening” to your symptoms. What are they telling you?

My hope is that my blog will help you identify habits that may not be in your best interest. Your new awareness can motivate you to take action, even letting you know what action to take.

My blog is designed to support you in this noble effort. It will offer you a variety of tools to help you balance your body, open your mind, and nourish your soul.

By John Van Dorp