Asian Bodywork provides relief from pain and stress as well as bringis calm and comfort and overall wellness to my clients.

Asian Bodywork promotes the free flow of energy throughout the body.

Helping people feel better and become healthier has been my focus for several years. Many come wanting to increase their energy or diminish their pain. Almost all are wanting to reduce stress which, as we know, can lead to illness if not addressed.

Our physical or mental symptoms, whatever they are, tell us that something is ‘off balance’ and needs to be corrected. We all know the difference between feeling good or lousy, but we don’t always know how to restore balance to feel better. Our impulse is often to take a food or drug to alter how we feel instead of using a natural remedy such as a massage, deep breathing, or a walk in nature.

My specialty as a massage therapist is an ancient Chinese healing art which has long been used to reduce stress and pain. Through becoming quieter and ‘listening’ we become more aware of our body, how it works, and what it needs. The more we are aware, the more we learn how to nurture it.

This form of massage, known as Asian Bodywork, enables the free flow of energy throughout the body. This healing energy is the universal life force running through each of us. By the end of a session you will be deeply relaxed.

In this restful state your body’s nervous system is primed to heal whatever concerns you: adrenal fatigue, diabetes, neuropathy, knee injury, high blood pressure, or a common cold. Your body already knows how to heal. Massage just takes it the next step by creating the space for natural healing to occur.